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Multiple Moons Project

Yeyoon Avis Ann
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Multiple Moons Project was developed from the idea when I was traveling overseas. An idea that people see the same moon in segmented space and time with their eyes. The idea of moon gazing is layered with time, hence romantic. Moreover, the moon is such a symbolic icon that is charged with numerous different narratives and mythologies in different countries as well.

Facing such loaded live artefact every night with our bare eyes, what are we supposed to feel? Are we supposed to feel something looking at it? Through the experience that is sending the moon image, I wanted to draw attention to our moon gazing activity, questioning what it means to us (or if it doesn't mean anything at all).

All of these do not present itself in a one combined form but in a multiple fragmented ways. The idea of facing one entity with the same notion in our mind is something that is absurd. I wanted to visualize the fragmented, multifaceted, and scattered moons.